February: The ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union is on front lines defending victims of religious, racial, sexual orientation and gender discrimination in this country. With a staff of more than 200 badass attorneys, the ACLU was instrumental in the getting a federal judge to halt the recently enacted travel ban targeting Muslims, including legal residents who've lived in the US for years, refugees fleeing a war-ravaged country and allies who worked with our soldiers in the Middle East. In our hometown airport, for examples, two families of Syrian refugees (who were approved for refugee status after thorough vetting) were put back on a plane to Qatar after flying 18 hours to Philly. That ain't right. The ACLU fights for these people, who often don't have the means to fight for themselves. Join us by giving here

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Like many of our customers, we're troubled, angry and perplexed by what's going on in our country right now. We want to do something and have been thinking about what role a small business can play in affecting change. Since starting Green Aisle more than seven years ago, we've donated gift certificates, product and money to school drives, neighborhood raffles, kids' theater troupes, local firehouses, that sort of thing (and will continue to do so), but we also want to make a more formal commitment to give every month in an even more impactful way. So we're starting a monthly program at Green Aisle called #GAGivesBack. Each month we will donate a percentage of profits to a different charity, organization or individual we're passionate about helping. It won't be thousands of dollars, but it will be something, and we hope that will make even a small difference. In addition, we will have donation boxes at each of our locations so customers can contribute in person, as well as links here on our website with info on each monthly cause and a link to give. We're excited about this and looking forward to getting started.