About Green Aisle /

Opened in November 2009, 260-square-foot Green Aisle is the East Passyunk HQ for life’s essentials like milk, bread and eggs, but also the little luxuries that make life worth living: Mast Bros. chocolate bars, Zahav hummus, Stumptown coffee, BLiS Syrup and more. Our milk and cheeses come from happy cows that eat grass, and our eggs are laid by pastured chickens that live just up the Turnpike. Our heirloom produce is procured directly from small local farmers that are as passionate as we are about celebrating the fertility of the Delaware Valley. We have raw milk from Paradise and chicken from Chesco. But we also stock true cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka and single-estate olive oil from Abruzzo. Eating conscientiously doesn’t have to be scary, elitist or an all-or-nothing game mired by panic and guilt, so we focus on small, offbeat producers, growers and artisans who we think are doing cool things with food.

Our second location, in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, opened in May 2014. This larger space gave us a dedicated commercial kitchen to amp up production of our house line of pickles, preserves and more. Our third shop opens this summer in Fishtown.

About the Brothers /

Food is in Adam and Andrew Erace’s blood. Their dad’s dad, Mike, picked blueberries on his family’s Delaware farm as a boy. Their mom’s mom, Josephine, passed on the love cooking she learned from her mother, who moved to Mifflin Street from Santa Caterina dello Ionio, Calabria in 1919. It was Josie who instilled the bros with the lesson: “Taste everything; if you don’t like it, you can always spit it out.” Adam’s background is in writing. Andrew’s is in real estate. Together, they’re the perfect team, forming a business that’s six years strong (and counting). Follow their travels, musings and dog pictures on Twitter and Instagram at @AdamErace and @AndrewErace.

About East Passyunk /

The Avenue, as its known by old-timers and newcomers alike, was once a vital strip of Italian-American commerce in South Philly. Adam and Andrew’s grandparents shopped here. So did their parents. And so did they, for the Record Bar’s house mix CDs before you could burn your own and King of Jeans’ shiny Guess jeans shorts before they had the sartorial sense to know denim should not be reflective. In the last several years, the Avenue and its surrounding hood have undergone an exciting, organic renaissance, with new boutiques, creative studios and chef-driven restaurants joining communion dress clothiers, mozzarella makers, cemetery engravers and other touchstones of Old South Philly. In the surrounding rowhomes, natives of Portland live next door to natives of Puglia, and the kids whose families moved to Jersey in the ‘80s are back and raising their own families here. It’s a dynamic, vibrant mix, and one we’re happy to be part of.

About Landlady Angela /

QVC addict. Surrogate nonna. Sopreassata maker extraordinare. Collector of creepy-ass puppets and dolls that definitely come to life at night. Green Aisle’s landlady, Angela, is an East Passyunk OG and frequent fixture in the shop. She may barge in, yammering in her trademark patois of Spanish, Italian and English. Don’t mind her. She just wants to know why the water bill is so high this month. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter at @LandladyAngela.

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